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From Heart to Hand, Inc
. is a non-profit 501C3 organization that specializes in education, international relations and Rite of Passage programs.

From Heart to Hand’s mission is to aid in changing the lives and consciousness of our youth in developing countries and empowering communities around the world. In our communities, we intend to change the current structure of violence and poverty to peace and self-sufficiency. From Heart to Hand is reaching throughout the continent of Africa, South America and across the globe to reconnect Africans with African Americans and those of African descent through cultural exchange and empowerment. From Heart to Hand understands the importance of global healing in all communities and all cultures.


Bio: Naa Dodua ‘Diane Green’

Naa Dodua; also known as (Diane Green); is a widely respected community leader, mentor, educator, artist, and social entrepreneur. Naa is well known for her efforts on behalf of at-risk intercity youth. She is the Founder /Director of ‘From Heart to Hand;’ an organization that specializes in education, international relations, and ‘Rites of Passage ‘programs for African youth and young adults. Through this program students have the opportunity to travel to Egypt and Ghana, West Africa and participate in a “Sankofa Anamantuo” An African Cotillion created by Naa.

As a former choreographer and dance instructor for over 20 years, Naa has developed and implemented performing arts tours and immersion programs across the globe. Students have traveled with her to New York, China, Africa, Mexico, and Brazil. She has also created and coordinated special events and benefits such as: ‘Actions of the Heart’ a benefit for 911 and the American Red Cross, ‘A Holiday Benefit for the survivors of Katrina’ and a benefit for Haiti. Naa has served on the Oakland’s Mayor’s task force and various boards and local committees. Naa is proud to be a Harriet Tubman Health Critical Mass Health Conductor #367 that is a critical mass program educating African Americans in Health and Wellness. Naa-Diane Green was also the Director/Coordinator of the City Wide Dance Program for the City of Oakland. Naa Dodua is a mother, grandmother, and cares for her 103 year old father.

Naa Dodua “Diane Green’ was the Freshman Academic Dean at Saint Mary’s College High School in Berkeley, California where she implemented organizational skill programs for freshman students and redesigned the tutorial program for the freshman students as well as co-wrote and implemented the curriculum for the dance entity of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Saint Mary’s College High School.

Naa’s most recent projects and accomplishments are:

  • Recipient of the KQED Local Hero Award 2011
  • The “Pathway to Success” program designed for the Freshman student entering high school

  • Phoenix Rising LSTI ( Life Skills Training and Intervention) a program for students designed with an understanding of cultural diversity and multiculturalism

  • Kick-N-It Kamp: A specially designed camp for middle school youth (6-8th graders) December 26, 2012 to January 4, 2013

  • My Princess Ball Winter 2013: A junior debutante ball with meaningful workshops to educate our young girls about dignity, integrity, education, respect for themselves and service to humanity.

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